Because your social studies teacher isn’t really a coach…

Welcome to Sports Evolution South, where we learn to train.
Training – / ” tray-NING ” / – The consistent practice of keeping yourself hydrated, fed, rested and moving/exercising as needed to refine performance.


Sports Performance & Post-Rehab

Dear Parents,

Your child’s age – not their activity level – is what indicates where and how they are developing. So it doesn’t matter if they’re playing on 3 teams at once for the same sport. Eleven years old is still 11 years old.

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“Calling All CrossFitters!”

You’re probably used to breathing fire and sh!tting smoke in the wod! If not, maybe we can find out why. Can you cover the developmental movement patterns that got you here? And if you can’t don’t you think that should be the starting point? Or is your Fran time the starting point?
Remember, just like you won’t out-exercise a shit diet, you won’t improve your performance by forcing exercise.

Still Not Sure?

Why not visit the professionals pioneering our effort against this backwards fitness industry longer than myself?

“If you can’t seem to be active without 4 walls at 72 degrees with 40% humidity with your particular machine, you don’t own movement. You’re a rat on a wheel.”

Dr. Gray Cook